Sunday Bible Study Groups


Adults – Main Building

Ambassadors for Christ
Room 114
Ages 40-60
Facilitators:  Vic Ellenburg
House of Dreams (White Building in Lower Lot)
Ages 40 – 60
Facilitators:  Kathy Banfield, Larry Greene
College & Young Adult
Room 307
Facilitator: Emily Wood
Common Ground
Room 302
Age Range:  20-40 (young adult, young families, married)
Facilitators:  Sam Banfield, Emily Wood
Room 305
Facilitators: Matt & Janet Roller
Room 202
Ages 60 and up
Facilitators:  Sandra Hughes, Janice Summers
Room 204
Ages 40+
Facilitators:  Randy Cope, Rob Dennis, Stan Greathouse
Room 203
Age Range:  50+
Facilitators:  Robert Conner, Lena Ellenburg, Joan Peterson
First Light Disciples
Room 307
Ages 30-55
Facilitator:  Casey Summers, Arty Rollins, Phil Rogers
Kingdom Seekers
Room 306
Age Range:  30’s to 50’s
Facilitators:  Doug Ruff
Presley Class
Room 206
Ages:  50+ Men
Facilitators:  Bobby Ford, Eddie Walker
SOS – Seekers of the Son
Room 202
Ages 50’s & 60’s
Facilitators:  John Mellody, Shelia Wilson, Bruce Yager
Whosoever Will
Ages 55-75
Facilitators:  Doug Atchley, Ruda Kesselhut, Paulette White