Trail Blazers Senior Adults
The Senior Adults represent the backbone of 2nd Baptist Church. Their prayers and hard work for the Lord throughout the years have given us a rich heritage here at Second. Our senior adults participate in a wide variety of activities ranging from Adult Bible Study and Adult Choir, to participating in our FAITH Evangelism outreach. There are many places for senior adults to be involved at Second Baptist Church.
Everyone is encouraged, invited and welcomed to be a part of our Senior Adult ministry whether you are a member of 2nd Baptist Church or from another congregation. 
Contact the church office at 828-286-9662 to let them know you are interested in participating in any of our Trail Blazers’ fellowships.
Trail Blazers Devotion
Join us Wednesday mornings at 11:00 am in the House of Dreams,
(white building in the lower parking area).
Lunch is served in the FLC every third 
Wednesday of the month.