Second Baptist Church of Rutherfordton
Monday, September 01, 2014

Music Ministries


Sunday Services


Worship is an integral part of our relationship with Christ. At Second Baptist, both Sunday morning services incorporate different musical styles, each with the same sermon, and all with an unwavering commitment to biblical truth. Our service times are 8:30 and 11:00, with Sunday Bible Study in between. Choose the service that’s right for you! 


Second Baptist music ministry's goal is to usher others into
the presence of God through vibrant, relevant and uplifting worship.
Musical style at Second Baptist varies. Our church and staff believe in
biblically sound lyrics and reaching people through a blend of different styles.
These styles include Praise and Worship, Hymns, Gospel, Contemporary
and a blend of any of the above.
As the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, our desire is not to become spectators
rather active worshipers. We believe that worship is not the songs that you
sing or the church that you attend, rather it is your relationship with Jesus
and the life that you live.
 Vocal Team
           These singers serve as the up-front vocalists/leaders, on a rotation basis, for both 
            services and for other services as needed. Audition/Interview required.
            Rehearsal on Wednesday @ 6:15
Worship Band
          Second Baptist is privileged to have a band that plays for both
          congregational singing as well as choral music to aid in a vibrant relevant worship service.
          Members of the band are active members of Second Baptist. Membership is by interview.
         For more information please contact the church office.
         Rehearsal on Wednesday @ 6pm.
 Children's Choirs 
        Second Baptist offers choirs for children in pre-school through sixth grade. Children sing in worship           services occasionally throughout the year as well as perform musicals.
Soloists and groups play an important role in any music ministry.
          Second Baptist is blessed to have so many wonderful singers and
          musicians within the church family. These musicians sing by
          themselves, with the choir, or in a small vocal group.
Media Tech Team
A group of talented audio/visual volunteers play a vital role in our services.
 MediaShout, lighting, sound, and recording team members volunteer on a rotation basis.
Volunteers are trained and shadow a veteran member until he/she feels comfortable going solo. 

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