Second Baptist Church of Rutherfordton
Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Worship Team

August 3   *Updated 7/29
Baptism  Sunday! A great celebration of new lives committed to Christ!
Our songs this week focus on the strength of the God we serve, His ability to save and our gratitude for both. Praying for you all this week.
We Serve a Mighty God - F  *Short version: C,V,C Only
Christ is Able to Save - G/A   Great Example with "Thank You" bridge.
The Solid Rock - D  *Chorus Only (hymn)
Rock of Ages (Baloche) - F
June 27, 2014      (click on song for demo - click on key for chord sheet)
*updated 7/25/14
Crown Him with Many Crowns (Bb)
Holy Spirit Rain Down (G)

July 20, 2014 
Let it Rise (C)
Open the Eyes of My Heart (D)
Jesus Messiah (G)
Mighty to Save (G)
In Christ Alone (Eb)
July 13, 2014 - Camp Report Sunday
Opening Song                    We Serve a Mighty God
Welcome                            Brandon
                                          Everlasting God (Tomlin)
CentriKid Video
                                             Evermore (Hillsong)
Caswell Report
                                             Hosanna Praise is Rising  (Baloche)
                                             10,000 Reasons
Prayer of Thanksgiving
                                             Rock of Ages (Baloche)
July 20, 2014 Worship Set
Let It Rise (C)                  Chord Sheet
Open the Eyes (D)          Chord Sheet
Jesus Messiah (G)          Chord Sheet
Mighty to Save (G)          Chord Sheet
In Christ Alone
 8:30: Ruda, Sandy, Barry, _____
11:00: Connie, Darcy, Ruda, Barry
 July 6, 2014 Worship Set
We Serve a Mighty God /What a Mighty God We Serve
Our God (F)
 'Tis So Sweet (F)
 Revelation Song (C)
Offering (Eb)
Jesus Draw Me Close (F)
God of the Ages