2nd Baptist Church
Friday, October 21, 2016
Sundays 8:30 & 11am Wednesdays 6pm
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Sunday Bible Study Groups

Sunday Bible Study Groups at 2nd Baptist Church

Family Life Center

                     Children's Church for ages 3 to 5 is held during                       the worship services (8:30 & 11:00 am) in room 201.

Main Building

Ambassadors for Christ
Ages 40-60

Facilitators:  Vic Ellenburg, Barry Gold

We are a unique group of people that includes couples and singles. We enjoy learning about God’s word; while supporting and loving one another.

Ages 40 - 60

Facilitators:  Kathy Banfield, Larry Greene

We are committed to growing in our relationship with God through studying the Bible, fellowship, and prayer. Most of the attendees are “middle-aged” and married, but all are welcome.

Be The Light
Ages 18-25

Facilitators:  David & Deneen Cook

We have Bible oriented group discussions to learn how it applies to our every-day lives.


Common Ground                                                                                      

Age Range:  20-40 (young adult, young families, married)

Facilitators:  Sam Banfield, Emily Wood

Relaxed atmosphere, easy going, lots of laughter, more discussion-based as opposed to lecture-style, very welcoming.



Ages 60 and up

Facilitators:  Sandra Hughes, Janice Summers

Dorcas Class enjoys fellowship and discussion while learning to apply Bible teaching to daily life. We are a close-knit group of believers who love to learn Bible teaching and how important it is in our day-to-day life.

Ages 40+

Facilitators:  Randy Cope, Rob Dennis, Stan Greathouse

The Exodus class has been in existence for 40+ years. We love God and each other! Originally established as a women’s class it has grown to include two male members and is open to any age who wishes to study God’s word.


Age Range:  50+

Facilitators:  Robert Conner, Lena Ellenburg, Joan Peterson

Everyone welcome:  couples, widows, singles. We are a very caring and sharing class. We are always available when a need arises from one of our members.


First Light Disciples
Ages 30-45

Facilitator:  Casey Summers

We meet each week to apply God’s word in our lives training disciples to do God’s work and meet once a month at our shut in members’ home to include them in our study.

Isaiah 61
Ages 45

Facilitators:  Sherman McArthur, David Atchley (Sub)

Learning who we are in Christ helps us to walk in victory on a daily basis, learning the difference between faith and grace. We apply what we already have in Jesus know that victory is through Christ in every are of life; emotionally, spiritually, physically and socially.


Kingdom Seekers

Age Range:  30’s to 50’s

Facilitators:  Doug Ruff, Matt Roller

Meeting together our goal is to seek God’s kingdom growing in the knowledge of the King through the study of God’s word.

Pressley Class
Ages:  50+ Men

Facilitators:  Bobby Ford, Eddie Walker

This small group of older men enjoy Bible study and fellowship.

SOS - Seekers of the Son
Ages 50's & 60's

Facilitators:  John Mellody, Shelia Wilson, Bruce Yager

The Greek word “koinonia” is used to described a group of people who have come together for a shared purpose. As serious students eager to grow in our knowledge of the word of God this word describes the SOS class. We share our lives in prayer, love and resources with each other and in the community.


True Believers

Age Range:  Young Adult and Up

Facilitators:  Arty Rollins

We are a group consistent of couples and singles in a discussion based group who welcomes the opinions of all attendants. Whenever possible we like to include mission action projects.

Whosoever Will
Ages 55-75

Facilitators:  Doug Atchley, Jerry Byers, Ruda Kesselhut, Paulette White

Whosoever will can enjoys lots of lively discussion while studying the Bible together in a relaxed and inviting environment. Our goal is to enrich Christians’ lives and guide us in mid and later life walks with Christ.

Women of Faith
Ages 45-75 Women

Facilitators:  Linda Fleming

Women of Faith is a diverse group of committed Christian women who are concerned about their walk with Christ. Some of the younger women still work; others are retired. There are many talents throughout the group and very different personalities - but one goal - to know and serve Jesus Christ in a greater way.